Cable Car....Sold!

What kind of things have you found that were really different or amazing we are sometimes asked? Well one of them must be the amazing 1950s Austrian cable car we found in Germany. Luckily for us it was easier than we thought shipping it here to Cambridge and in fact it is relatively light and fit on a small pallet! The driver of the transport lorry was a little surprised though when he helped us unload it and realised it was a cable car.  It was amazing for the sheer stunning look it had. The design is amazing and what we like is the kind of early aircraft look and feel it has partly down to the aluminum and rivets etc.  We really knew it would be hard to sell especially after having it fixed up as we loved it so much and it was. The customer though was very pleased but we can't say we were over the moon to say goodbye to it.

Luckily we found another....and then another but that is another Harold and Charles story!









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