Archivist Gallery

Archivist is run by husband and wife duo William and Sarah, but over the last 20 years they have slowly welcomed some other brave souls into the mix. With guest appearances by their daughter Madeleine, and the very brave Katie to the newest additions at their Letterpress printers. They all share the conviction that gift giving is a joy, and that the world is a bit brighter with a mix of beautiful things and a touch of William’s wit.

Archivist Gallery Featured Products

Good & Well Supply Co.

Good & Well Supply Co. is committed to using ethically sourced materials as much as possible. We believe that the best way to do this is to source our materials from the USA: it gives us the ability to ensure good labor practices and to support our local farmers, craftsmen, and manufacturers. All of our candle materials come from the USA, including wax made from soy grown in America, balsa wicks made from balsa trees grown in America, and oils made in America. Most of our packaging is made here too, and we’re continuously looking to increase that percentage.

Matt Brown Makes

Originally from Cambridge, I graduated from Brighton College of Art & Design in ’92 with a BA(Hons) in Illustration. In my final year I specialised in three-dimensional illustration and animation, leading to a career in special effects, commercial model-making and even bespoke carpentry.I've been exhibiting my work for over 20 years and, throughout my career, have always championed the use of reclaimed and found materials - trawling though shed clearances, car boot sales, beaches and antique shops to find the perfect component for each sculpture.

Maison Cisson

Created by Catherine Kerboull, this authentic French delicatessen was the unlikely result of a love for French cuisine, knitting and home interiors. Much knitting was required and the whole lot had to be brought together with one goal in mind: to create the incredible illusion of real life saucissons! Next, a name was needed, then there’s the sheep logo too, plus coming up with funny, French-inspired labels – basically, create a whole universe and a collection of charcuterie to go with it. The result? Charcuterie and cheeses that are 100% made in France! Foodie delights that don’t stain, won’t dry out or make you fat, plus they’ll keep forever.

Askew Candles

Askews Candles are made by two brothers in the stables of the family home, located in Hurworth just outside of Darlington. The venture started in 2016 when George had the idea to transform his candle making hobby into something that could reach more people. With the help of his older brother, Askews Candles was born!

Askew Candles Featured Products


From my studio in Ghent I make interior objects and custom-made furniture. All with the same goal in mind: to deliver handmade, fair and sustainable products, products to "keep" I started Behout in 2017. At that time I was mainly active as a stage builder, building furniture and installations for artists. This required a lot of flexibility and creativity, and I experimented with my own designs. More and more I was also asked by family and friends to make something for them in wood. My hunger to really practice the craft grew, and I got more ideas to make my own line of interior objects. I started a furniture making course in order to be able to exercise my passion professionally. This line has since grown into a collection of lighting, vases, magazine holders and more. They are decorative, functional, or both.

Michele Wilson Puzzle

We are Michele Wilson puzzle, we hand cut beautiful wooden art puzzles for adults. We make them in France, respecting the environment. Experts in working the jigsaw, our craftsmen spin the wooden puzzle boards in all directions, to create, one by one, pieces of unique shapes. The craftsmen and women separate the colors and different elements of the artwork, to ensure maximum difficulty. The cut depends on the style of the artist and on how each artisan perceives his brushwork. The cut follows the depicted lines and subjects and it is the artisan who follows the colours and who creates their difficulty, not a machine. Each piece is different and there isn't always a interlocking 'fit' between the pieces. Our puzzles are unique and strategies to assemble each one vary.

Alpaca Threadz

Alpaca Threadz all started on the idea to support local Andean cultures amongst the 2020 pandemic that swept the globe. LeAnn and Brandon also the owners of an adventure travel company, were forced to put their thriving travel business on hold in March of 2020, their energy shifted to finding a way to support the communities that had also been impacted by the shutdown of tourism, which was the main source of income for these textile communities in Peru and Ecuador. From this Alpaca Threadz was born. Alpaca Threadz is a fair trade and ethical company seeking to support Andean Artisan communities who handcraft alpaca wool blankets, clothing and accessories in remote regions of Ecuador and Peru. We connect clients & retailers around the world interested in connecting with and creating social progress for these indiginous people.

Amy Britton

Amy Britton is an independent Scottish manufacturer of contemporary Harris Tweed® Accessories, created from her love of textiles and design. The Harris Tweed® is in essence a contemporary herringbone, with colour that is new, fresh, tactile, colourful and sustainable. The range of products is created from a unique Harris Tweed® woven especially for her in the Outer Hebrides and inspired by traditional Scottish landscapes and seasons.The colour and character are attributable to truly traditional Scottish weaving methods. It is handwoven on an old Hattersley loom by Adabrock Weaving Company, overlooking the ocean, skies and ancient cliffs of the Outer Hebrides. Our newest range is inspired by the setting sun in all its colourful glory.

The Crafty Kit Company

We design fabulous and fun craft kits that come complete with everything you need – all the essential tools, materials and full colour, step-by-step photographic instructions. Beautifully packaged, they make lovely gifts too. Our kits are all suitable for ‘beginners’ and ‘improvers’ The Crafty Kit Company nurtures creativity and community through craft - sparking creativity, encouraging a sense of achievement and nourishing the soul. It’s not about what we make, it’s about what we make happen!

Authentic Models

As a high quality furniture and home decoration brand, we endeavor to develop every piece with an inspiring story behind. Our company always has been dedicated to embracing the skills and pride which went into developing, designing and crafting the original versions of our items. Today, we still remain true to his ethos, while adding contemporary twists which make our pieces fit more pleasingly into modern day surroundings. Expressing an age-old spirit of exploration through highly attractive furnishings and accessories for today’s discerning customers, whilst clearly being characterized by style, leisure and adventure.


Our name comes from our founder John Haws, the inventor of the watering can design that we still produce, virtually unchanged to this day. Originally from Clapton in London, John was by his own account quite an unsuccessful gardener. But in 1884, while struggling to grow vanilla during his British colonial service in Mauritius, he set about designing his own watering can to improve his gardening fortunes.

Haws Featured Products

Minimum Design

Minimum Design is an independant design studio based the west coast of France. Our main focus is to bring you modern and unique designs made from sustainable techniques and materials. We make every product on demand in-house, so each item is specially made for you. It allows us to produce responsibly without wasting any precious ressources from our planet. We use technology to create and offer unique intricate designs made with a unique material : Bio plastic (obtain from Cornstarch) and recycled wood in various colors. With this technique we are able to make new designs with a unique aspect and feel with a positive impact on the environment.


Nutscene Twines Ltd, Produces the Nutscene brand with pride. The patented “Greentwist” centre pull lock tie spool of twine was first produced in Dundee, Scotland. When this wonderful green twine was used to tie up plants it was, of course, ‘not seen’ giving rise to “Nutscene!” Nutscene are very much seen today, with an offering of 22 colours of Jute twine, we like to call the offering a twine fest!


The Czech company KOVAP Náchod, s. r. o. is a worldwide known producer of sheet metal toys with a tradition since 1946, when it was founded in the Czechoslovakia as a family company by the Sedlák brothers. KOVAP boasts about a wide range of original tin toys, such as a ladybug, driven by a key, that never falls off the table, or a Zetor tractor model in accurate scale which copies the original Zetor tractor. It even has a gearshift, a reverse and a functional steering wheel. All KOVAP products focus on manual production, precising design and long service life.

Kovap Featured Products

Batela Giftware

Batela was founded in 1991 in the Basque Country region of Northern Spain. Specifically, in the beautiful coastal village of Getaria, just minutes away from the glorious, unspoiled destination town of San Sebastian. We are proud of our Basque heritage, but we are equally as proud of our collection of sea-inspired treasures. So much so, that we couldn’t wait to share them with you.

East End Press

East End Press create hand printed greetings cards, garlands and decorations made from recycled paper or sustainably sourced wood. All our products are screen printed, which creates the bright, intense colours. Our products contain no plastic, and both products and packaging are made from recycled paper create from cotton waste from the textile industry. Where required, the cello we use is compostable.

Oxford Pennant

Oxford Pennant is a designer and manufacturer of wool felt pennants, flags and banners. Fueled by sad country music and good vibes, we make new versions of nostalgic products to help cool people, brands, bands and companies tell their stories through thoughtful and unique designs. American-made, quality products. Banners for any occasion. Custom collaborations for special events. Production and fulfillment. All from the happiest place on earth: Downtown Buffalo, New York.

Paine Products

First, balsam branches are brought to us by local woodsmen, where they are then ground and dried. It is next pressed into incense molds and finally dried… That’s it! No chemicals are added to our incense, and is 100% natural and sustainable! We also use the balsam in our pillows. We make souvenir pillows that are stuffed with the balsam fir. They are great as gifts, or an aromatic delight in a drawer, closet, or car. When people walk through the doors of our plant they are amazed at the smell of the balsam. We also have a sewing room at the plant. Pillows are custom made per order. The pillows are filled and stitched right here in Auburn, Maine. During our busy season it looks a bit like Santas Workshop, with all of the stitchers busy.

Also the Bison

Also the Bison is home to a range of freshly illustrated specimens featured on stationery, homeware and accessories. Each design is hand-painted in watercolour by artist Maddie Chambers in her London studio, taking inspiration from antique scientific illustrations and dusty old collections in Natural History Museums and bringing them vividly back to life. I work with other small businesses in the UK and Sweden to ensure that everything is made sustainably and ethically, and you'll find that all of my range is made with natural or recycled materials and packaged plastic free.

Charis Raine Illustration

About Charis Raine Illustration. Charis is an illustrator based in York, designing and packing luxury paper goods and accessories from her home in the heart of Yorkshire. As a one woman band and single mum, this business helps to support her autistic son and work from a home studio. All products are produced locally in the UK using eco friendly methods and sustainable papers. We can't wait to show you our ever expanding line of greetings cards and pins

Upstate Stock

Upstate Stock was built in order to create quality products while servicing the local economy as well as the direct community the business calls home. By making all the products locally, Upstate Stock is able to ensure you can be proud of your purchase because it supports small business & the American supply chain. We might not be changing the world, but our hope is that our product not only brings a little joy into the life of the customer, but that we are able to continue to support those whose joy comes from making quality products. Every purchase goes a long way, so thank you for your support!


Illustrator and designer Onneke Northcote-Green creates beautiful, colourful images of landscapes and coastal scenes. A lover of nature, she brings her love of the outdoors to each design, creating high-quality cards and prints that your customers will love. Onneke's bestselling cards and prints sell in gift shops, visitor centres, museums, garden centres and flower and plant shops across the UK.