Man Vs. Bot Poster - Harold&Charles
Man Vs. Bot Poster - Harold&Charles

Man Vs. Bot Poster

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We stumbled upon an April 1934 article of Modern Mechanix and Inventions, in which Jack Dempsey (former World Heavyweight Champion from 1919 to 1926) gives his professional opinion on the future of boxing if it were to ever involve robots in the ring with humans!

The thought of this scenario and link to the past was just too tempting for us to pass up a chance at creating our own version of 'Mano y Mechanical-Claw'.

Since the article was written, it's been well over half a century and a great fight such as this has yet to happen, but perhaps one day it may. Until then, we'll have to take the former Champ's word that no robot could defeat a human in the boxing ring.

In the meantime, you can show your enthusiasm for this potential future bout with this tee! Illustrated with classic sci-fi flair, our two fighters go head to head in the ring! Above them, a gleaming round bell rings out that is nestled atop a crossed bone and wrench, from which are draped ribbons reading H★U★M★A★N and R★O★B★O★T.

Hang this design in your home feel free to quote the former Champ by shouting,"I CAN whip any mechanical robot that ever has or ever will be made...I could tear it to pieces, bolt by bolt and scatter its brain wheels and cogs all over the canvas!”

• 12" x 18" 
• 80 lb paper - FSC Certified
• Three-color print (including metallic silver ink)
• Printed via old-school offset press method (due to this printing method, each poster is slightly different. Very minor variations/imperfections may be present, but we feel this makes each one special and unique!)